It’s the time of year for outdoor activities and few outdoor activities are more appealing in the summer than pools and spas. Your family will love them, your guests will love them, and you might find you’re happy to have a home spa when you get back from an aggravating day at work. Summer means relaxation and fun, Master Spas swim spas and hot tubs are the way to make that happen for your family.

Why are Master Spas swim spas and hot tubs worth buying?

Packed with innovative technology, backed by the warranties and promises they keep, and years of experience, Master Spas is among the most trusted brands in backyard swim and spa entertainment. It’s all about you and how your family can best utilize your backyard for fun in the sun this summer. What’s not to love?

We’ve got a few of several reasons to love Master Spas swim spas and hot tubs. It’s far from all of them, but a few of the most important reasons customers keep coming back.

Easy to Maintain

One of the big hangups for many when it comes to spas or pools is worry over the level maintenance required to keep them functional, fun, and safe. Master Spas has this in mind. The spas contain patented polymer lining to protect them from overuse and elements and your spa or hot tub comes with a toolkit of easy to understand videos for spa and hot tub care.

Innovative Designs

Master Spas has you in mind, first and foremost. So the designs on the equipment are unique and ambitious and always looking to give you the best possible experience. The airless jet system on the newer models is just the most recent example of many innovative approaches Master Spas takes to getting the best possible spas for you and your family. If it’s new, you can find it at Master Spas.

Company Values

Master Spas is about more than just merchandise. It’s a company that truly values the lives and well being of their customers and others. That’s why proceeds from their profits go to the Lupus Foundation of America, The Fort Wayne Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship, NAZ Children’s Centre, and the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. We want wellness for everyone, across their life.

Related Questions

Is Master Spas an American Company?

Yep! Master Spa’s is a domestic brand of hot tubs and incredibly proud of their roots in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their 32-acre campus in the area is not only state of the art, but also helps create jobs in the area and beyond 100% American manufactured products.

Is There Customer Service?

Yes there is. As part of you making the most out of your Master Spa, there’s support on their website and every Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm and 8am-noon on Fridays. In addition there is live Q&A support on their website if you’re outside the service business hours.

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