We say it a lot “I could use a trip to the spa.” We say it because spas are relaxing, they help our muscles and body, they help clear our heads, and then help us emotionally and mentally relax in the middle of daily struggles and stress. So why don’t we have saunas at home where you can offer your body that physical and mental relaxation any time.

There’s a wealth of benefits that come with using a home sauna.

Whether you have an extremely active lifestyle, or you need to let your body rest and squeeze in doctor-approved exercise, a home sauna can offer you a world of benefits for both mind and body. Cardiovascular performance, muscles, and the mind are all places where regular sauna use can offer a real boost.

Below are some of the best benefits you can find while using a home sauna. Some maybe obvious, others may be surprising.

Cardio Health

The warmth and comfort of a sauna has a positive effect on your cardiovascular health. It can reduce the risk of all-cause fatal heart attacks, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 27%, reduce hypertension, improve arterial balance, and improve heart rate. The more times you use a sauna during the week, the better this statistic get.


Thanks to the improvements in your cardio system and blood pressure, you’ll find yourself a lot less stressed from sauna use. They promote physical and mental relaxation which can positively benefit your stress levels weekly or even daily and prevent other stress related disorders such as body pains, weakened immune systems, or increased heart rate.


If you’ve been looking for a skin treatment that works, this could be it. Rather than lathering creams or doing nightly treatments, employ sauna use to help your skin. Saunas can open pores, induce sweating to clear out skin, and improve capillary circulation. Heat treatments are among the oldest used for treating the skin and there’s a good reason.

Related Questions

Does This Help My Sleep?

Yes! There is research that supports the idea that sauna use promotes better sleep patterns, deeper sleep, and better REM cycles. The way saunas affect endorphins are part of the science behind this positive effect.

Is a Sauna Best Before or After a Workout?

There are benefits to both. Using a sauna before exercise can assist in your warm up and stretching routine to help loosen the muscles. But using a sauna after exercise, when you’re still dehydrated can offer even more help.

Sauna use is a great way to improve your lifestyle and boost your health in multiple parts of your life. Imagine having one in your home!

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