There’s a lot of false information out there clouding up the market for would-be spa and hot tub owners. Many myths permeate the internet and your inboxes and could cause you to go from buying the hot tub or spa of your dreams to never pulling the trigger because you don’t have a way to separate the fact from the fiction. That’s where we come in, because you deserve the hot tub of your dreams.

There’s a lot of misinformation that gets tossed around about home spas and hot tubs.

Falsehoods about cleanliness, chlorine content, smells, jets, and a lot more. How do you know what’s true in a world where anyone can post anything on the internet? We’ve taken some of the biggest myths out there about spas and hot tubs and given you the real facts behind them.

Below are three of the most prevalent myths about hot tubs and the true facts and figures behind them. Take a look.

Hot Tubs Aren’t Clean

There’s a lot that gets said about the cleanliness of hot tubs. A lot of this conjecture comes from peoples’ experiences with public hot tubs at gyms, local pools, or hotels. Anyone can hop into one of those and with a vast amount of strangers soaking in warm water, it starts to become a bit of a problem. But a hot tub at home is safe and clean to use not only because you know everyone using it, but weekly testing of water quality will help you keep it that way.

Hot Tubs Smell Bad

People sometimes comment on the smell that comes out of hot tubs and that the chemicals that go into the water are the cause of bad odors. The truth is, bad smells from your hot tub aren’t normal and it’s a sign that something is wrong. With an at home test kit, you can isolate the problem to pH, chlorine levels, or other chemical imbalances needing to be adjusted and can get the hot tub back to normal quickly.

More Jets is Better

A big draw of hot tubs for people is the jets. But there is such thing as too many jets. The trick with jets is not to have as many as possible but to have jets that are placed correctly for your needs in hydrotherapy. More jets are impressive, but the best move is to spend less on targeted jets to help supplement your hydrotherapy and athletic needs.

Related Questions

Is It Bad to Buy from an Expo?

A lot of people will tell you not to buy your hot tub from an expo or road show because of the price and the lack of local support after purchase. While that’s true for some installers, it’s far from true for all of them. Many have regional offices to provide support across the country or offer some form of follow up maintenance. In fact, you are bound to get a great deal and big savings from an expo show. The key is to do your research and make sure they are a reputable dealer.

Is Buying from a Warehouse a Good Deal?

Buying a hot tub from a huge warehouse at a discounted price (such as a Costco or BJ’s) might save you some bucks but you also need to remember that you get what you pay for and a lot goes into hot tub selection and customization that you’d miss out on here. In order to fulfill your checklist, visiting a local dealer is your best bet.

Don’t let the myths and falsehoods confuse you or prevent you from getting the hot tub of your dreams. Do your research and talk to professionals!

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