There’s no better feeling than spending a day skiing the slopes, skating around the rink, (or maybe just shoveling the driveway!) and slipping into a cozy hot tub that melts your troubles away when it’s all said and done. While sinking into your hot tub during the winter months is a fantastic way to relieve stress and stay warm when temperatures turn frigid, winter hot tub use requires maintenance that differs slightly from summer upkeep. If you’re not careful, when the first snow falls, you’ll be throwing money down the drain and potentially putting yourself in harm’s way.

So how can you optimize your winter hot tub experience?

We’ve put together a list of Dos and Don’ts to help improve your experience, keep your energy consumption efficient, and stay safe.

Do dress warm

In the wintertime, your body’s working overtime to stay warm…especially when the temperature plummets and you step half-naked into a steamy outdoor pool. To help your body adjust, wear a hat or torque. This keeps hair dry and prevents body heat from escaping quickly. It’s also important to wear sandals when walking to and from your spa to keep your feet warm and to prevent dirt from getting inside the tub.

Do go easy on the tub

Just like your body, your hot tub puts in extra hours to stay toasty when the outside air is frigid.
While most hot tubs are designed for year-round use, it’s important to remember that all technology has limitations. The best thing you can do to ensure your hot tub lives up to its full lifespan is to let it rest.

Don’t set your jets on the highest setting and remember to turn your air controls off when you’re not using them. Air jets slowly cool the water, meaning your tub will need excess energy to keep the spa at an optimal temperature. Don’t let the longevity of your tub disintegrate because you’re wasting energy unnecessarily.

Do lock the cover

Along the same vein, locking your cover prevents heat from escaping, keeping your hot tub insulated and preventing unnecessary energy-sucking temperature regulation. The more your tub loses steam from a faulty cover, the more you’re topping the water off and the more chemicals you’ll waste in an attempt to regulate your tub.

Do plan an exit

Make sure you’ve carved out a path between your house and the tub. Should you stumble from the sweltering hot tub into a freezing patch of snow, your body may react adversely to the harsh change in temperature. Make sure you have easy access to and from the tub so as not to place yourself under unnecessary stress.

Do open valves

Freezing temperatures mean (potentially) frozen pipes. Consistently flowing water will prevent pipes from freezing over so it’s best to keep your waterfall valves on when the tub isn’t in use.

Do be mindful of falling snow

If your tub sits underneath a tree that’s covered in snow, consider moving your tub. Falling snow can cause damage and ultimately decrease the lifespan of your hot tub and cover.

Don’t use snow to refill your tub

While tempting to avoid the hassle of digging out abandoned hoses and kick-starting long-shut-off taps, dumping snow into your hot tub to refill it is a recipe for disaster. Not all water is created equal. The water balance of snow doesn’t mix well with hot tub water and you’ll be dumping chemicals into your tub (and down the drain) in an attempt to regulate and rid the water of excess bacteria.

Don’t use a shovel to clean the cover

Treat your hot tub cover like the windshield of a brand-new luxury car. The blade of a shovel can cause irreparable damage to the cover if it accidentally punctures the material. Even if the blade doesn’t fully puncture, scratching at the material will weaken the cover’s ability to maintain insulation and within months you’ll be shopping for a new one.

Don’t forget to hydrate

While spas feel relaxing, don’t forget that your body is warming up and losing fluids through sweat, just as it would after a long day on the slopes. Keep a tea or water bottle close by to avoid dehydration.


Follow our tips for a safe, efficient, tub-friendly season. Using a hot tub throughout the winter is the best way to soak up extra benefits. When the snow starts to fall, the steam feels that much sweeter.

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