Swimming is not only fun for people of all ages; it is a healthy activity with numerous physical benefits. Indoors or outdoors, swimming is a year-round activity. When you have a swimming pool in your backyard or even in your home, you’re able to take advantage of all the great benefits a swimming pool offers.

A swimming workout in swimming pool or swim spa, which includes rest breaks, should take about 30 minutes three times a week.

Benefits: Weight loss and increased heart rate along with improved cardiovascular, pulmonary and circulatory systems. Increased muscle strength as well as improved endurance. Swimming causes less physical impact and stress on the human body than other forms of exercise. Considered a low-impact form of exercise; it is good for older people. People prefer swimming over running to keep fit or lose weight because there is less impact to bones and muscles. More fun and not as tough on the body, a bonus, that’s a winning combination!

Jump in, dive in, or glide into a swimming pool to experience exercise that increases energy levels. Swimming, a form of aerobic exercise, is a total body workout. Water provides the benefit of buoyancy which allows for less pressure on joints. People love water aerobic exercise and report that they sleep better after doing a swim workout. Swimming laps burns calories. Think of the weight loss benefits if you do this several times a week!

Swimming tones muscles better than walking or running and it uses every major muscle. It is a good and healthy form of exercise that anyone can do. Fun facts: Marco Polo is the most popular swimming game and Benjamin Franklin invented swim fins. Swimming dates back more than 2500 years and became an Olympic sport in 1896.

Gliding along in the water feels better than running on a roadway. No tripping and falling with skinned knees, aching muscles and bones. A form of resistance training, there is less stress or negative impact on the body. Other benefits include: improved circulation, lung power, less moody or improved mental health, reduced blood pressure, lessened anxiety and depression. Exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance and improves brain cell growth.

Swimming uses less gear than other sports, teaches confidence, slows down aging, and burns more calories than running, jogging, or biking. Added bonus, water cools the body temperature, so no sweating occurs. Competitive swimming builds confidence. Statistics show that for the older generation water aerobic classes improve social interaction. People feel less lonely. Let smooth relaxing swimming melt away the pounds and use it as a major component of an exercise regimen.

Swimming exercise invigorates and improves stamina. A swimming pool is a great investment for family fun and fitness. No more driving the kids to swimming lessons at the local public pool. Imagine the cost-saving convenience of swimming within the privacy of a backyard fitness center. A swimming pool improves family time and property value.

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