Visualize your dream spa. If you didn’t picture it with a spa cover, you should. A hot tub cover may not be the most glamorous, or the cheapest accessory to your hot tub, but if you’re interested in saving money, keeping it clean, or keeping it safe; you need a cover. A cover also extends the lifetime of your spa which means more time for you to enjoy it and get the most out of your investment. Consider this article a favor to you; ensuring that you’re able to make the best hot tub cover purchase, so that you can save money in the long run and enjoy your purchase longer.

Why is a hot tub cover so important?

Keeping your hot tub clean and safe are two of several reasons why you need a cover. Consider your little water oasis, sitting there, uncovered exposed to the elements of the world. Ever heard of evaporation? Without a cover, evaporation could destroy your hot tub very quickly. Not only does the obvious happen, water evaporates, but the chemicals in your hot tub can evaporate too. This can damage sanitation levels which means your hot tub has to work harder to stay hot.

In addition to keeping all the good stuff in, a cover on your hot tub keeps the bad stuff out. This includes dirt from the air, leaves, bugs, pet hair (if your hot tub is inside). Anything you can think of could potentially fall in your hot tub. And what’s the use of a relaxing oasis of it’s a dirty one?

What does a spa cover do? A spa cover simply acts as a giant lid. It is insulated, thick, gap-free, and is the finishing touch you need to include on your hot tub. It acts as a barrier for cleanliness as well as safety. A cover keeps away unwanted materials, but also protects against small children or animals that could fall in unknowingly.

A hot tub cover also saves you money. By keeping the hot water in, you do t have to adjust the temperature, making your hot tub more energy efficient. Your hot tub uses enough water as it is. Without a cover much of the water can be lost into the air as steam. With a cover however, the water condenses and falls back into your hot tub, saving you tons on your water bill.

Types of hot tub covers The two types of covers are either indoor or outdoor, but their anatomy is virtually the same. Overall a hot tub cover has two sections connected by a hinge in the middle. It has a removable, Arnie quality, vinyl shell, with a zipper that opens and closes. It also has a tapered foam core wrapped in either one or two layers of plastic. Most are reinforced with steel bars in the middle, otherwise with layers and layers of dense foam.

How to keep your hot tub cover clean The only thing more important than having a cover is keeping it clean. Maintenance of your hot tub cover is simple, but it must be completed ritually. If your spa is an outdoor one, when dirt accumulates on the top, hose or wipe it off. Every four to six months, it is recommended to reapply a cover shield , which is a protective shield that protects against fading, stains, and dirt. Over time, you may notice a musty smell, discoloration, or mold spots. This is usually a sign of improper water chemistry and you should contact a spa dealer immediately.

Finally, your hot tub cover should never be used as a resting surface; either on purpose or otherwise. Never place heavy objects on top of your spa for long periods of time. If snow, ice, leaves, anything accumulates on top of your cover, gently remove it when you see it. This will prevent damage to the foam core.

Enjoying and getting the best out of your hot tub or swim spa begins with a vision. Investing in a hot tub cover will help keep what you have imagined clean and safe, among other things. LeisureTime Warehouse in the greater Cleveland OH area is an experienced and reputable supplier premium brand hot tubs, swim spas and swimming pools. Our products offer the latest in technology, performance, luxury and quality. Find the best swimming pools, hot tubs, swim spas, and swimming pool accessories here, at LeisureTime Warehouse. Call us at 440-623-7554 to learn more!