You may have noticed as you’re removing your hot tub cover this season that it seems heavier than you remember. You’re not suddenly getting weaker, it’s an actual process that happens with most hot tub covers. There’s really no way around the condensation and other debris that will collect in your hot tub cover. The foam is porous and it’s in close proximity to water which makes it a prime collection spot for water vapor, mildew, and other tertiary byproducts of a hot tub.

What does it mean when your hot tub cover gets heavy and what do you do?

Annual cleaning can slow the process and make the cover last longer. But knowing what to do when it becomes too much and what the signs are can save you some money and even save you some hardship and potential injury in trying to lift a waterlogged hot tub cover.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how the process happens and what you can do both to prevent it and in response.

Rescuing Your Cover

Not all heaviness or water retention means you immediately have to replace your cover, there are ways to do a little DIY work on the cover. If you notice heaviness early. Remove the foam inserts from within the outer skin and allow them to sun in a place that also allows them to receive a breeze. This will allow the foam to dry out, hopefully before mold and mildew start to form. If it’s too late, you can always replace the cover and keep a closer eye on the new one.


A solution of bleach and water (1 cup: 2 gallons ) can be used to clean off any areas of mold, followed by a thorough rinse. Make sure to air dry them completely. Keeping the mold and mildew away is key to revamping your hot tub cover. As you are drying out the foam inserts, make sure to spray them with a mold inhibitor and that they completely dry out before placing them back in their covers. Spraying the inside of the vinyl covers is a good idea as well. Make sure to consult the manufacturer about exposing the foam to direct sunlight.

Related Questions

How Much Should A Hot Tub Cover Weigh?

Depending on the size and shape of your cover, they tend to weigh anywhere between 30 and 75 pounds. You can weigh the cover when you first buy it to check or simply note how the weight feels and keep an eye on it through its life on your hot tub. Be careful, however, as hot tub covers are very dense, can be quite heavy, and can cause serious injury to children or elderly handlers.

How Long Will A Hot Tub Cover Last?

With proper care and monitoring, any cover should last you at least 5 years before you need to consider replacing it. This is assuming it’s not waterlogged or damaged. But you should get a good several years of use out of it.

Get the most out of your hot tub and all necessary accessories by keeping an eye on it and knowing what to do when you think that your hot tub cover has become waterlogged or if you think it’s time to replace it. Visit your local hot tub retailer, they will be happy to help, answer any questions and have all the supplies you will need.

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