A swim spa is probably one of the greatest inventions in in-house and backyard amenities. They come in many styles and as a premier swim spa retailer, we can cater to all tastes. No matter your aesthetic preferences, swim spas are both energizing and relaxing, which make them perfect for anyone.

As the name implies, swim spas are spas in which people swim and exercise, and they are very different from a regular hot tub spa.

What makes them different is the eternal current, which is located at one end of the hot tub. When turned on, the current creates resistance which allows user to swim against its pressure without constantly turning around and bumping into the spa walls. The current’s intensity is adjustable and has multiple levels of difficulty. Also, if you’re in the mood for nothing more than a relaxing dip in some hot water, the current can be shut off. If currents aren’t your thing or not enough for you, then you can purchase a swim tether.

A swim tether is a device hot tub users can attach to their swim or regular spa. It consists of a rod and string you attach to the spa and it holds you in one spot. Some swim tethers have a hook that can be attached to a rail.

If you have a tether set up, you can swim in more intense current speeds without slamming into the back of the hot tub. Tethers also work if or when the current machine breaks. No matter how many extras you choose for your swim spa, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy it.

Swim spas are great for any household. Although they’re hot, they’re great for chilling. Not only can they help you calm down, the swimming can let you tone up. Plus, when you finish the workout, you can do your cool down in warm water.

At Leisure Time Warehouse, we offer affordable swim spas and spa tubs and are able to meet all of your swim spa needs. Our swim tubs have different features such as the stainless steel hardware, therapy seating, and exercise equipment. For whatever reason you’re looking to obtain a swim tub, we’re able to offer our unique styles that are visually appealing and exclusively available with us.

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