Aqua therapy has a wealth of benefits for the body and mind. From low impact exercise routines that yield an impressive amount of benefits to mental and emotional benefits you didn’t even think of. Swimming is, all around, the most complete sport there is, and water’s buoyancy offers you the ability to do things you might not have thought possible do to a one physical ailment or another.

Aqua therapy has incredible benefits in exercise and overall mind and body health.

It can keep you active if injury or another condition has rendered you less mobile than before and can provide you with much needed relaxation and stress relief as well. Aqua therapy is truly the perfect routine for virtually everyone.

You can utilize aqua therapy as a benefit to physical therapy, an exercise routine when other exercise routines have become unavailable to you, and a way to improve your mental and emotional health. From elongating your life to helping your brain cells to improving your overall happiness and continued mental health.

Physical State

The most obvious benefit to aqua therapy is the way in which it helps your overall physical state. It works virtually the entire body at once through resistance training across all muscle groups, is a great low-impact cardio option. You can burn anywhere between 500 and 700 calories as an average sized adult swimming for an hour. You’ll also get more calories for less work thanks to the ease of water on your body.

Healthy Brain Cells

Your brain cells can benefit from aqua therapy too. It comes from the stress relief aqua therapy can provide. Swimming and other aerobic activities have been proven to reduce stress and relax the body. As a result, your brain cells thrive as stress can weaken and tire out brain cells. By participating in a stress reducing activity like swimming you can give rest to your brain cells and strengthen them over time.

A Longer Life

A study done at the University of South Carolina found that those who participated in water related aerobic activities had lower death rates than those who did not. This could be attributed to the overall physical and mental benefits that comes from aqua therapy. Swimming and other water activities ranked better for overall mortality rates than both those who were sedentary and those who participated in other exercise activities.

Related Questions

Can Swimming Help with Asthma?

Those who suffer from various reactive airway diseases will find exercise, especially cardio exercise, difficult. Swimming has been recommended as a way to help them get the exercise and physical benefits they need without putting their respiratory system under duress. The moist air is also believed to help with the overall lung function of someone with asthma while swimming. But, remember, it’s not a cure, just a way for those with difficulties to get the physical exercise they need with less stress on their system.

Does Swimming Help with Arthritis?

Because of the low impact swimming has on joints and the skeletal system, it’s beneficial for those who suffer through the pain of arthritis. Exercise is necessary for those with arthritis, as it combats fatigue and helps build strength to take the stress of joints, but getting that exercise isn’t always possible. Swimming is a way to get that strengthening exercise without doing more damage. Though don’t go diving in and doing too much as any excess amount of even easier physical activity can still overwhelm.

Aqua therapy has a range of incredible benefits for the mind and body. It can help keep you in shape when your body can’t take the brunt of traditional exercise, help keep your mentality positive and stress free, and help the overall quality and even longevity of your life when practiced right.

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