Saunas are associated with steamy heat, but their health benefits can help you get or stay smokin’ hot. The hot rooms are a common spa treatment, but you can also receive the benefits from home. In-homes saunas are compact, and a wonderful amenity for any home. House-sized saunas are made of wood and have a heater that can hold rocks and emit steam. This steam has many physical benefits.

Saunas provide relief from various ailments, allow you to detox, burn calories and increase overall longevity.

A report from Harvard Health states that sauna users with psoriasis, a skin conditions that causes the skin to redden, peel, and experience general discomfort with the joints and epidermis, said that the steam helped reduce their itching. Harvard also stated that saunas may help those with asthma breathe easier. Another study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that people who suffered from intense headaches experienced less pain after eight weeks of regular sauna use.

Detox and weight loss are another plus to sauna use. According to Juvenate Medical, a center of functional disease, sweat is one of many ways the body produces waste. Since saunas cause sweating, this is a great way for your body to engage in detoxification. In this case, waste is excess water and salt in the body. The hot environment also raises temperature, which lets you burn up to six hundred calories in one go. Steam improves your quality of life, along with its length.

Of course anything healthy does this, but saunas can also lessen the probability of fatal diseases and increase overall longevity. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) released an article titled “Regular Sauna Baths May Greatly Reduce Risk of Strokes” in May of 2018. The publication referenced a fifteen-year Finnish study of sauna users and said people who sat in saunas twice to three times per week cut their risk of stroke. People who went four to seven times were sixty-two percent less likely. Retired or not, you can still benefit from an in-home sauna’s warmth.

Purchasing an in-home sauna is an investment, but the relaxation and healthy outcomes are worth every penny. Once you hop into the steam, you’ll be living the dream.

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