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So, you want to put your hot tub indoors? It’s that time of year, the weather is cooling down and thoughts of owning an indoor hot tub are popping into your head.

If this sounds more like a miracle than a plan of action, not to worry, it actually can be done. There are just a few things that need to be considered first, to avoid turning your indoor spa into an indoor disaster.

Indoor hot tubs certainly have different requirements than outdoor ones.

Here are the most important things to consider before installing your indoor hot tub.

Choose an indoor model

We figured we should say this first; no not any hot tub can be an indoor hot tub, so make sure you’re buying one suitable for indoors. Typically, these types of spas will be smaller to mid-sized, with less water volume, making them overall more manageable. You also have to consider powering the hot tub. A 120-volt hot tub is usually ideal for indoors.

It’s all about the flooring

Even if you’re not an Olympic swimmer, there is sure to be a lot of splash back, so anticipate a lot of water- everywhere! This can mean up to one gallon when exiting the spa, so the floors are going to get wet. Avoid carpet or astroturf because while these may feel nice, they can store water under the surface causing mildew and rot. The best flooring for an indoor spa is a matte finish, non-slip tile.

In addition, don’t forget the drain! For easiest water cleanup with peace of mind, install a floor drain so all that excess water has a place to go.

Make sure there’s a water source

Most hot tubs today are portable and don’t require extra plumbing or a direct water source, but how are you going to fill your hot tub, the sink? For the easiest access to water, install a hose bib in your new hot tub room.

Ventilation? Room temperature?

Ventilation and room temperature are two factors that often get overlooked when installing an indoor hot tub, but these factors can cause the greatest damage.

If you think about all that hot water, the moisture, and the humidity, just imagine what it can do to your walls over time. Make sure that you have a vent fan that is powerful enough to quickly take moisture away, and that the room is heated to counterbalance condensation. Ceiling vans are also ideal to install with your new spa.

Provide convenient access

Hopefully you’re not considering installing a hot tub in your kitchen, but if you are, you might want to think again. The placement of your indoor hot tub is key. First, because bathers will need a space to get in and out and change easily; you don’t want to be trekking through your entire home soaking wet. Second, convenient access is needed for if and when your spa needs servicing.

Convenient access might also include keeping your spa on the first level and not upstairs in your home. In a typical home, only about 100-300 pounds can be supported per square foot. Although a basement spa atop a concrete slab might be the best, doesn’t mean this is the only option.

For more details on how to install your hot tub indoors, be sure to consult with your hot tub expert when purchasing. As a Top Rated Local company to buy hot tubs and swim spas in the greater Cleveland area, LeisureTime Warehouse can help you with your hot tub purchase.

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