It’s a well-known fact that pools make your house an instant summer hang out location. Anywhere you can cool down is a hot spot. However, as each home and homeowner is different, pool needs will vary. To know what you need, ask yourself questions about your familial and financial situation.

Do You Have Children or Pets? An in-ground pool may be a drowning hazard for dogs or kids who run around the yard.

However, both pets and children can learn to swim and need to cool off, especially if they live in hot areas year round. Investing in some fencing, surface covers, or swimming lessons could be well worth it. The same goes for the money needed to have a pool.

Can you afford it? The cost of an in-ground pool can be up to the five digits. Typically, above ground pools are hundreds of dollars and the higher end of average is four figures. Also, they can be portable, depending on their materials. Plus, above ground pools are usually smaller, which cuts down on the money needed to keep the pool running.

What kind of maintenance would you rather do?
In terms of chlorine and chemical levels, in and above ground pools are relatively similar, depending on how much water each contains. With above-ground pools, you may have to replace the frames every few years or so. Also, depending on the material, as some are inflatable, you may need to replace the entire pool.

Pools may make your home the go-to place for summer gatherings, but they benefit you year-round. To receive the maximum amount of benefits, make sure you ask yourselves these three questions before deciding which model to purchase. Whether your pool is on top or placed in your backyard soil, we promise to provide what you’re looking for and more.

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