You love your hot tub, but do you love your hot tub experience? If not, it could be because you are missing some of the most important hot tub/ swim accessories. From sound systems to lighting, to massage therapy, you may have enjoyed your hot tub before, but we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it even more.

What are some of the best picks to accessorize and enhance your hot tub?

Continue reading to learn about the 5 best hot tub accessories for your tub that you need right now.

Sound System

Sure, the sound of rushing water is relaxing, but you’re not always in your hot tub to catch up on zzz’s, sometimes you want a little party. With waterproof features, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, remote access, and the right amount of bass, sound systems can create the ambiance you’ve been missing all along. The right system is also ideal for parties and get-togethers. While you may not always be able to have a live band playing, a sound system is the next best thing. The Soundcast Speaker System is highly recommended.

Light it up

The only thing better than dinner and a show, is a dip in the spa and a show. Especially if you have guests, entertaining them with a light show in your spa is effortless and amazing! You can always upgrade the standard lighting in your spa to colorful, remote-controlled lighting, or you could opt for lighting and a fountain. The Game 3567 Underwater Light Show Fountain is the easiest entertainment you’ll ever buy. It features a spectacular light and water show with color-changing lights, a fountain of colored water, four colors to project, and auto-shutoff. We’re sure you’ve never seen a light show and accessory like this before.

Lights, sounds, drinks!

Sitting back, relaxing with friends, enjoying the lights and sounds of your glorious spa- all you need now is cup holders. That’s right, we’re sure that you and your guests are not empty-handed but holding your drink above the water while you relax, can get tiresome. Although you would think cupholders would be a standard feature in all hot tubs; if not, you’ll want to invest in the PureSpa Cup Holder. This drink and snack holder rests over the side of your hot tub, staying out of the way while you soak; but there when you need a quick refreshment.

Shade is safer

It is all too common that spa users forget all about sun and skin safety when they are in the spa. Whether the water is warm or not, the sun is still a threat to the skin and long-term skincare. Sun exposure and skin cancer is no joke, and while hats may be helpful, the best way to spread the shade is with a side umbrella. Any large umbrella with its own base will do. They typically feature an adjustable base/ pole and can be turned to different degree angles as well.

Towel warmer

If you love hot tubs, then you love all things warm. After soaking in the extreme temperatures of a hot tub, anything else can seem too cold. That’s why the Brookstone Towel Warmer is one of the best hot tub accessories. With adjustable settings, simply place the towel inside before you soak, and when you’re ready, you can appreciate wrapping your body in warmth from head to toe.

Accessories not only enhance your hot tub experience; they can make the biggest difference in entertaining. Whether you are solo or hosting a crowd you can’t go wrong with these suggestions. Visit your local hot tub and swim spa dealer to find all the supplies you need and tons of accessories to choose from. Tailor them to meet your needs of course!

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