Looking for a low-impact type of exercise that will give you great results but won’t put too much strain on your body? Running in water or “water running” in a swim spa will give you that workout you’re looking for without all the pressure and tension that causes achy muscles and joints. If you are looking to do water workouts in the privacy of your own home, a Master Spas swim spa is the way to go.

There are many benefits of water running in a Master Spas swim spa.

Water running has many benefits to it; from comfortability to agility. Swim spas give you control over your workout. With speed control, you set the pace of the current. You can also adjust the temperature of the water to give you the most comfortable workout.


Whether you are cross training or looking for an easy way to get your workout in, water running is perfect to feel the burn without feeling the pain. Impact on your body is lessened due to the buoyancy of water. Running in water makes your body weight feel lighter lowering impact on your muscles and joints. Running on land is considered a “high-impact” workout, putting stress on your body making you feel the impact the next day. Your body can feel sore and ache after such a workout, which means you need time to recover- making workouts far between. But when you lessen the impact in water, your joints are alleviated from that stress, no need for extraneous recovery days!

Increased Mobility

Water running helps you run faster and harder than you would on land. When in water, circulation of blood flow increases, this means the muscles relax promoting overall mobility and flexibility.

Improved Strength/Better Workout

Water running in general offers more of a workout due to the resistance water provides naturally. Causing to use different and additional muscles groups than you would normally use during running on land. However, in Swim Spas the resistance can be manipulated to your comfort and based on how much of a workout you prefer. The more resistance coming from the current, the more workout you’re going to receive. Water running helps strengthen arms, legs and core more than regular running, truly creating a total body workout. Water running also burns more calories, which means your workout can really make a difference.


Swimming or any mobility in water is great for recovery from injuries, sore muscles, torn ligaments, etc. As mentioned before, water promotes blood flow and circulation to muscles, easing the tired muscles to stretch and renew. With the temperature control in swim spas, recovery is even better, blood flow is easily encouraged with a higher temperature, soothing any aching body part and creating a more relaxing environment.

Water running is great for all ages and all types, whether you’re an avid runner or not. The technique is simple.

How to Run in Water in a Swim Spa

Swim spas offer different water depths, running in deeper water is best, however. Ideally the water should be chest deep, however this depends on your comfort level. Whatever is best for you, water level at higher or lower than chest level.

It’s important to maintain a good posture while running in water. Stay away from slouching, stand up straight with your head up high looking forward.

You’ll find that running in water is different than if you were to run on land. Don’t worry about creating a long stride, the water will force you to move in a high-knee fashion. As you run, make sure not to bounce up and down.

Using the current in swim spas will provided an added resistance, engaging the core for increased strength. Adjust the current and find which speed works best for you to give you the proper challenge you need. Pick a current speed that will challenge and enable you to not compromise your posture.

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What Equipment Should You Use for the Best Water Exercise?

Water running itself is a great form of exercise but if you are looking for variety in your workout try using equipment such as weights and bars. Aquatic exercise dumbbells and in-spa rowing machines can be used for upper body workouts while ankle weights are perfect for lower body.


Running doesn’t have to be so hard on your body. Try water running in a Master Spas swim spa and see how low impact it is on your muscles and joints while getting results you’ll love.

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