There are millions of Americans living with dementia, and this number is steadily increasing. Dementia is not one disease, but a group of symptoms related to decline in memory and other thinking skills that interfere with a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks. There is no cure for dementia, which is why anything that slows or prevents the process can be life changing. Today research indicates that one of those helpful factors is exercise, specifically water aerobic exercise.

So, if you already have a swim spa, you’re in luck; if you don’t, continue reading to learn how investing in a swim spa could help with your dementia.

Improves BDNF levels

BDNF is better known as a gene called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Researchers have found that this gene may be the key to slowing development of Alzheimer’s. In individuals with the highest levels of BDNF, a slowed reduction of cognitive function by 50% was shown after regular exercise.

Specifically, water exercises have been studied as the most useful form of exercise. Individuals who exercised at least three times per week in a swim spa or pool developed dementia at a lower rate than those who didn’t. Swimming and water aerobics are easy on the body, especially for elderly individuals. Swimming and water aerobics are also easy on the body, when a swim spa is right in your backyard. Swim spas are the ideal place for water aerobics that can improve the effects of your dementia.

Less costly than other treatments

Research on dementia is always being conducted and improved. The issue is that with exciting news, usually comes great costs. New treatments to slow or prevent the progression of dementia are typically expensive. On the other hand, a swim spa is an investment that can be spread out over time, and a good one at that. With such positive emphasis on the role of water exercise in improving dementia, a swim spa is an investment that quickly pays for itself, by improving the quality of your life. Not to mention it is small, compact, and easy to install in any location.

Safe social setting

One of the biggest concerns for individuals with dementia is safety. Having severe memory impairment can affect their ability to get from place to place, interact with loved ones, or complete essential daily functions. Water exercise in a swim spa creates an intimate, safe setting for the individual with dementia.

In addition, family members can spend quality time and interact, when they would otherwise not be able to spend time with the family member affected by dementia. A swim spa is an excellent space to support the one you love who is struggling with dementia and help them decrease the progression of their disease through exercise. Aside from helping with dementia, a swim spa provides many other health benefits, relaxation and enjoyment.

If you are considering adding a swim spa to your lifestyle and would like to have it in your own backyard, talking to a local, trusted swim spa retailer is your first step.

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