Have you ever considered your posture? You know, the way you stand upright, walk, and even sit. Posture is an integral part of your health and well-being, but chances are until someone tells you otherwise, your posture is overlooked. This is often the case until old age. As you age, posture is one of the first things that change, specifically adjusting your center of gravity and eventually affecting your balance.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; if you own a swim spa, one of the best ways to improve your posture and balance is under water.

Try any of these water exercises, or a combination of them all to improve your overall lifestyle.

The golf swing

This move goes exactly how it sounds. Begin by standing chest deep in water. Your outstretched arms should stay submerged and your feet should be firmly planted. Hold hands together and swing your arms back and forth in the same way you would swing a golf club.

Underwater surfing

First, be sure that you have a sturdy pool noodle. Then, in chest deep water, balance by standing on the noodle like a surfboard, with knees slightly bent and feet staggered one in front of the other. Don’t let the noodle touch the ground. You may also purposely swing your arms along your hips front to back.

Water walking

This step is the simplest, with the best outcome. Everyone knows how to walk; you’re simply doing so under water. You know the move, but when water walking, be sure to also keep a tight posture and core.

For the most effective water walking, be sure that you are also: standing tall with shoulders and chest back, not on your tiptoes, arms are slightly bent and at sides, and that you pull your belly button into your spine to keep your core engaged.

Try water walking in all directions: forward, sideways, and backward.

High knee march walk

The high knee march walk is also as easy as it sounds. As always, keep a strong upright posture with core tight. Lift your knees high as you march traveling forward. Swing your arms in opposite arm as leg motions. The goal is to balance on one leg for 3-5 seconds.

Balanced scale

For full body posture, try this move. Using a device such as a kickboard, or any type of water board, sit on it and stretch your arms to the side. The move may seem simple, but the goal is challenging; stay balanced on the board, while maintaining focus, holding your arms out, and keeping your head and shoulders straight.

While sitting, you may also turn your palms over to face the sky, or backwards for more of a challenge. Another option is to lift the knees slightly as you balance. Keep in mind that all moves can be made more challenging by adjusting speed, and by creating resistance with the water features of your swim spa.

Exercising in your home swim spa to improve your posture and overall health may be the reason you invested in one. If you don’t have a swim spa for your home, it is something to think about. So, visiting a local swim spa retailer can get the ball rolling.

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