So, you want to get a new hot tub for your backyard. You’ve done research on local and national hot tub retailers, surveyed your land, priced things out. But what questions should you have prepared when you ultimately go in for the consultation process? Your research alone is not going to be enough to go on and you’ll want to take advantage of the ability to pick the brain of an expert.

There are considerations you need to keep in mind when it comes to planning to get a hot tub placed in your backyard.

You’ll need to consult professionally on location, size, type, cost, and a number of other factors that play into how a hot tub is best going to fit into your home and for use with your family.

Below are some of the most important questions you should be ready to ask and get answers on while looking for your new hot tub.

Where Should I Place My Hot Tub?

While you may think you have the perfect spot picked out for your hot tub, the geography of your backyard–and maybe even the township who decides zoning–may not agree. You’ll want to ask an expert where on your property a hot tub would be most effective and safest to use for all members of your family and your guests.

What Can I Expect for Maintenance?

Unfortunately, you can’t just drop a hot tub in your yard and assume it’ll work fine forever. Hot tubs require yearly, if not quarterly maintenance to ensure they continue to work properly. Ask your expert what kind of maintenance work you should expect to undertake on a particular hot tub brand and if there are any deals to get free or discounted checkups after installation.

What’s the Price?

Given that hot tubs tend to run between a few thousand dollars to twenty thousand there is some room to haggle on certain models. Don’t assume you have to pay the price tag. Ask about sales, about package deals, about any sort of discounts or price matching. Hot tubs are expensive, but so is the labor to perform upkeep so you’ll want to save dollars while you can.

Related Questions

Can I Customize My Hot Tub?

In most cases, yes. Many models come with upgrades and other customization options. You can add or remove jets, add colors, maybe even add a stereo system. Don’t assume you have to get the default model and design of any hot tub without doing a little bit of a design consultation.

Are There Hot Tubs for Exercise or Therapy?

Yes. Not all hot tubs are for relaxation and entertainment. Hot tubs are often used as a form of aquatic therapy or as a supplement to exercise. Keep the intended use for your hot tub in mind when you got to consult with a professional.

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