Hot tubs are a great way to create an awesome social experience in your home while also providing entertainment and luxury. They instantly up curb appeal of your yard and are a great retreat in your home where you can transform the area into a spa. But, is indoor or outdoor the best option when looking at your hot tub installation?

Indoor and outdoor hot tubs have their own pros and cons yet the end result for both is beneficial.

Depending on the design of your home, the capabilities, and the climate of where you live, your options are going to vary. There’s great pros and some cons to both options.

From privacy, to space maximization, to installation and plumbing issues, there’s a lot to consider for both options of indoor and outdoor hot tubs.


If privacy of your hot tub is something you want to focus on, then indoor hot tubs are the better option. Some people want privacy to their own private spa while others want to make it a social, entertainment event. Know what you want privacy wise from your hot tub experience.

Space Maximization

An outdoor tub will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to maximizing space around your hot tub. If you want to make the space around your hot tub usable and part of the experience, an outdoor hot tub is going to be the best option. Indoor hot tubs are confined to really only the hot tub itself while outdoor tubs can utilize much more yard space as part of the unit.


If you’re concerned about the installation ease of getting your hot tub, an outdoor hot tub is going to be the best option. Outdoor hot tubs are actually fairly easy to install, or at least to ready the area for installation. You’ve got more space to work with and easier access to plumbing while indoor hot tubs are going to be tighter space and perhaps even involve a little bit of renovation within the area you’re installing it.

Related Questions

Is Climate a Factor for Outdoor Hot Tubs?

Having an outdoor hot tub isn’t as easy as just wanting it, where you live is also going to be a factor in how much you can use it year-round. Many hot tubs aren’t designed to operate below the low 60s Fahrenheit which will keep hot tub use to spring, summer, and parts of fall. While an indoor tub is climate controlled and can be used year-round.

How Can I Install a Hot Tub Myself?

Indoor hot tub installations will require help from pros. However, you can do a lot of the work yourself for an outdoor tub. Selecting the area, leveling the area, assuring the electricity and plumbing hookups, are the main parts of the set up before placing the unit in itself. And, there are options for temporary hot tubs and quicker installations as desired.

There are different preferences and benefits to indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and it depends on what you want to get out of your unit and overall hot tub experience at home. Do the research and figure out what works best for your needs before committing to your new home spa unit.

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