Summer is coming to an end, which means so is pool season. Autumn means less sunshine, which equals less pool time, and winter may mean no pool time. Even if you don’t use use your pool during these seasons, it still requires maintenance, which requires some extra equipment.

LeisureTime Warehouse helps maintain and service swimming pools, swim spas and hot tubs year-round.

Here are a few things a pool owner should know about and have on hand.

Extra Chlorine
– Chlorine possesses antifreeze properties, which are needed during winter, especially in snowy areas. Even warmer areas should still take this precaution. Throughout the winter, keep inserting your chlorine, whether it’s through liquid or tablet form, and to further avoid a frozen pool, you can up the dose too. Extra chlorine will also keep the pool clean

Even if a pool is not in use, it is still prone to attracting bacteria. Luckily chlorine kills bacteria as well, which will keep pools clean through the winter and ready for use when the weather gets warmer. Although chlorine is a widely used and trusted pool chemical, you may want to buy additional cleaners.

Algaecide – As its name implies, algaecide kills algae and stops it from forming. It also prevents green pools. Like chlorine, algaecide comes in liquid and powder forms and works best when paired with chlorine. For optimal results, it is best you purchase an algaecide that kills multiple types of algae and not just one. There are different types of algae, all of which result in different colors. They are chlorophylls, which are green, carotenoids which can be red, orange, yellow, amber, or brown and phycobilins, which are bright red or blue. Keep these colors in mind rather than the scientific terminology, since manufacturers typically list algae by appearance.

Pool Cover – As the leaves fall from the trees, some are likely to fall into your pool, among other things. Pool covers keep leaves and debris out of the water, but they also ensure the safety of pets and children who may be in the backyard. When buying a cover, make sure you know the size of your pool so you get one that fits. Using a pool cover with algaecide and chlorine will provide safe and unpolluted water for all seasons.

Summer is over, but pool care time is not. Your pool’s needs change with the seasons, and fortunately there are plenty of products such as the ones listed to keep your pool usable. Extra chlorine, algaecide, and pool covers should help your pool stay sanitary and okay for swimming once the temperature rises.

A swimming pool is made for endless fun and entertainment with throwing in the option for exercising when you come home from a long day. It is important to take care of it year-round and LeisureTime Warehouse can help. We offer quality service and maintenance.

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