Not all inground pools are created the same. While you might be used to seeing the typical jellybean or oblong shapes of inground pools, there’s almost limitless sizes and shapes they can be designed in depending on your budget and the geography of where you’re placing them.

Knowing all your pool shape options could be the difference between a run of the mill in ground pool and the pool your family has been dreaming of.

There are your recognizable geometric shapes you can get your pool designed in, and then there are things that are more abstract, more experimental and could make your inground pool totally unique to your home and family.

We went over some more common options and then some more wild choices you could make for a completely unique home pool.


This is one of your standard designs. The shape is well suited to virtually any backyard geography and the sleek lines allow it to match to virtually any existing architectural designs that are already on your property. It also works for any use you could want for the pool: laps, aerobic exercises, family play, or relaxing. This shape is safe and always an option.

Figure 8

This is another standard design you’ll come across. Like rectangular pools, it’s fairly well suited to virtually any yard situation. As far as aesthetics go, this pool is great for those looking for a retro splash to their backyard and the natural divide in the shape allows the pool to easily distinguish between deep and shallow ends. It’s more suited for play and relaxation than training, also to be noted.


This is where you want to go if you want a pool that exudes luxury. Grecian/Roman designs have a signature “Roman end” with niches on either side of the rectangle that offer the recognizable look of an ancient bathhouse. If your pool is designed for relaxation, this is a great way to bring the feeling of a spa or resort into your backyard.

Related Questions

Can I Custom Design My Pool?

Yes! While you’re going to have limits where budget and natural geography are concerned, pools can generally come in any shape you could dream up and there are some fun ones out there on the internet to take a look at. You can sit down with designers to get exactly what you want out of your pool design.

What’s Going to Be Cheaper?

Depending on size and other amenities, rectangular pools are going to have a bit of a price advantage over oval or freeform shaped pools because curved pool edges are more difficult to design and install than straight lines. On average, a pool with curved edges can start at least $2,000 more than a rectangular pool.

If you’ve been meaning to get that pool, do it. Design your dream inground pool for the needs of you and your family. For the most part, the only true limit at the end of the day is your imagination.

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