You decided to finally do it. You’re getting the hot tub and turning your backyard into even more of a social and entertainment destination in your home. But it’s not as simple as clearing a spot and dropping a new spa feature in and calling it a day. Assuming you’re investing some real time and money into this piece of your home, then you’re going to need to prep the backyard for the new hot tub or spa.

The process of preparing your yard for a new hot tub or spa is a matter of safety, efficiency, and aesthetic.

All three need to come together for you to get the most out of your hot tub.

It starts with picking the idea spot in your yard, doing some work on the land to prepare it for the new appliance, and laying the foundation. But it takes some real work to make the area and careful consideration for what you have to do in order to make the most out of this investment in your home.

Find a Safe Spot

Figuring out where to place your hot tub is not just a matter of where it fits and what looks good. Though those are both important and need to be considered, there is a checklist you should run your placement through before you commit to it. First, ensure the spot is not near any power lines or fuse boxes. The typical requirement is at least 5 feet from the nearest power source or piece of electrical equipment. Also make sure this spot is a smart distance from the nearest water source to make installation easy. Lastly, take a look at how difficult it will be to make the ground level.

Prepare the Ground

Once you’ve picked a spot that makes sense and is safe, you’ll want to do the actual work of preparing the ground. You don’t need to pick a spot that is completely level on its own. Leveling the ground is actually one of the easier parts and it comes with two main steps. You’ll want to level the actual ground itself, taking out any rocks or large pieces of earth, straightening any noticeable inclines or slopes, and generally making the entire area one flat surface. Once that’s done, lay a compact layer of gravel over top to act as a foundation for the hot tub. At this point, the professionals will take over.

Related Questions

Is One Time of Year Better Than Another?

All installations and home improvement projects are going to have better time periods than others. The thing about hot tubs is, that many are designed to operate in a certain temperature spectrum. While higher end units will have a more flexible temperature range, many of the cost effective and do-it-yourself units will only recommend being used in temperatures above 62 degrees Fahrenheit. As a rule of thumb, more mild weather is going to be a safe bet. Late spring, summer, or early fall.

Can I Install a Hot Tub Myself?

It depends. There are units out there that are designed to be installed by someone with minimal experience and are also designed to be easy to move and easy to store during the winter months when it shouldn’t be used. However, there is a safety issue when it comes to hot tub installation. Hot tubs, while they need to be a safe distance away from electronics, do need a power hookup like any other appliance and running that electric work is safest in the hands of an expert. So if you’re installing a higher end hot tub or spa, let a professional take care of it for you.

Installing a hot tub is a quick and sure way to improve the curb appeal of your home and enhance the social abilities of your backyard, especially in the warmer months. The installation process is fairly easy, if you’ve done the necessary prep work to the area to make sure it’s ready to go. All it takes is a little research, a bit of labor, and an eye for both safety and fun.

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