Owning a swim spa puts you one step closer to some serious relaxation in your own backyard. But that relaxation can get stepped on when water becomes over or under chlorinated, dirty, or smelling far too much like the chemicals used to keep it safe. There are methods to maintaining balance in your home swim spa and making sure it remains the haven of relaxation you were hoping it would be when you first got it installed in your home.

How do you keep your swim spa water clean and not smelling like chlorine?

Water levels matter, testing your water matters, and keeping an eye on how the water feels and how it smells.

Maintenance on your spa isn’t just about equipment and physical parts of the hot tub, it’s about making sure the water is safe and clean to use and where it needs to be for the continued health and relaxation of your family.

Optimal Levels

Maybe you keep up with weekly water tests for your hot tub or swim spa but don’t know exactly what the levels are supposed to be, or maybe you’ve been getting a little lax about it. For your spa, the ideal levels you should be getting back from a water test are: pH: 7.4 – 7.6, total alkalinity: 80 – 150 ppm, free chlorine: 2.0 to 4.0 ppm, total chlorine: Below 5.0 ppm, calcium: 150 – 250 ppm, bromine: 3 – 5 ppm. Optimal levels yield clean smelling and clean looking water. If there is a profound smell of chlorine, something may be off.

Clean Your Filters

It’s not just about throwing chemicals into the water and hoping for the correct response, it’s also about keeping the mechanisms responsible for filtration clean and safe to use. Regularly remove your filters, rinse them, and let them soak for a period in cleaning solution before putting them back in the spa to continue doing the work of keeping your water clean and properly chlorinated.

Cleaning Schedule

While you may not regularly use your hot tub or swim spa, you do want to make sure you’ve got a system and schedule in place for keeping it clean. It can make the job of cleaning the spa easier by breaking it into manageable steps that you can work into your weekly routine.

Related Questions

What If I Get a Rash?

Everyone reacts to chlorine differently. A rash from the water may not be a sign of anything alarming, rather simply a reaction to the chlorine levels that one person is having but other people may not. It’s a chemical and everyone is different. Keep an eye if it happens but it usually isn’t a sign of anything dangerous.

How Often Should I Test the Water?

Ideally, you should test your water before every hot tub use and keep the necessary chemicals on hand if you need to make adjustments. Test it at least once a week and keep chemicals on hand for adjustments because nothing is worse than being denied a soak in your hot tub because of unforeseen water issues.

Home swim spas and hot tubs can be the key to relaxation during the week and weekends, but only if you’re doing so safely and hygienically by maintaining chemical levels in your water.

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