May was water safety month, just in time for Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and the time many people start hitting vacations and opening the family pool. Before letting the little ones run free, you’ll want to make sure your kids are prepared to have safe fun around the water this summer.

How do you keep kids safe around water such as a pool or hot tub?

Kids need constant supervision around water, even if they may feel they’re a bit too grown up for that. Home pools, hot tubs, and other water entertainment features all require their own set of rules and planning to make sure your kids are safe while enjoying fun in the sun and keeping cool.

You’ll want to do extensive research and keep in mind what you know about your kids, but here is a list with some good places to start to keep your kids safe this summer.

Safety for Home Pools

The most common water kids will come in contact with and feel a bit in danger from is the home pool. As a rule, any inground pool must be fenced in. That’s the law in most places across the US with 4ft usually being the minimum required height. Fences should be self-latching and have no obvious gaps in them. If you want to go farther, alarms and nightly pool covers will also help deter a curious child from venturing to close to the pool without supervision. For kids in the pool, also be sure to monitor them, make sure they have appropriate water safety devices, and know their limits.

Lakes, Ponds, and the Beach

Going to public, natural water features is a big way to have some family fun in the summer but you need to observe the same water safety for your child, maybe even more diligently. Lakes and ponds are rife with steep drop offs. Even if your child can stand in the water, one extra step and they may be stumbling down. On top of that, jagged rocks and debris may be in a lake or pond which can injury your child. Be aware of boats nearby and any one consuming alcohol, as most boating accidents are related to alcohol consumption. At the beach, you must keep all this in mind and keep in mind undertow and tides.

Water Parks

One of the most important things you can do is instill in your child the importance of following rules and following the commands of the qualified lifeguards at water parks. They also must obey any rules for going on certain attractions that require a certain height or weight. No rough housing or splashing and never go out of site of an adult they know.

Related Questions

How Do I Spot Dry Drowning?

Dry drowning is a scary scenario. After a scary moment in the water, it’s not uncommon to gulp in water that’s not immediately obvious after the danger has passed. If your child had a mishap in the water, be very vigilant around them the next 24 hours, looking for signs of distress or trouble breathing. The muscles will be contracted and continue to work to protect your lungs from foreign water, which can result in post-immersion asphyxiation or “dry drowning.”

Is Water Safe for Infants?

Infants instinctively know to hold their breath underwater. However, children are still susceptible to taking unwanted gulps of water and even more prone to bacteria and infections as a result. Introduce your infant or young toddler to water gently and avoid submerging until your child is a bit older.

Summer is here and it’s time for relaxing and cooling fun. But make sure everyone knows their role in making sure that fun remains safe. Learning to swim, beginning with treading water and knowing how to float is a crucial first step towards water safety for life. If you own a pool or hot tub make sure learning to swim is first on your list for everyone in your family!

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