When you go into a spa facility or in for a massage, you may have noticed calming, ambient music playing over the loudspeakers. Music is relaxing, helps with focus, and can greatly lower your stress levels when employed correctly. Music has been found to have profound positive effects on both mental and physical well-being.

Employing music in your home swim spa or hot tub can be a huge benefit to creating a relaxing atmosphere to de stress.

There are many ways to enjoy music and many ways you can utilize it to reduce stress and anxiety in your life. Many people suggest listening to ambient tones while doing work or trying to sleep, and soft music is often used to relax patients during physical therapy, acupuncture sessions, and massages.

To give you an idea of how music can be beneficial to your life and health, we’ve put together some of the researched ways that music is beneficial. Take a look and figure out how you can employ it.

Effects on Children

If you have wild young children, music may be key to calming them down–better than discipline. Music has been found to offer order and security to children who are often overactive or distressed. This is especially true for children with disabilities. Music has a calming and organizing effect on children.


Music can have a positive physical effect as well. For those with chronic pain or chronic discomfort from surgery or old injuries, music has been found to be relaxing as it decreases stress, loosens the muscles, and allows the body to physically calm down and thus reduce pain and physical stress in your tissue.


Mental health is incredibly important. Music can help here too. A study was done and found that music actually helps lower the “burnout” rate among nursing and medical students and actually improved their overall mood and outlook on their program.

Related Questions

Does Music Help with Depression?

Yes. While music should not be a substitute for therapy or any prescribed medications, it can help as a secondary treatment for depression. As music can improve mood, it can also help you stay calm and work through depressive episodes.

Does It Help the Elderly?

Yes, it does. Music isn’t just helpful for overactive children; it can also have positive mental effects on older members of your family and reduce depression and improve mood in the elderly.

Music could be the missing link to relaxation in your home hot tub or swim spa. Make sure to invest in a model that has this feature!

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