Thinking about getting a hot tub but not sure if it should be indoor or outdoor? Check out these pros and cons of each to help guide your decision. Our profession

There is something about soaking in a hot tub under the stars while snow blankets the ground outside. Sounds romantic, right? Well there are advantages and disadvantages to that romantic sentiment.

Being outdoors can be lovely while enjoying a soak in the hot tub, especially if it’s placed in a beautiful scenic area.

But once you’re done with that warm and cozy dip you might have to brave your way through weather that can be unpleasant to get back inside. Going from hot water to cold ground might end the romantic mood. But no worries if you are indoors, just hop out of the tub and you’re not dealing with mother nature’s moods. It won’t matter the weather or season, you can always access your tub when it’s indoors.

However, being outdoors in the fresh air means you won’t have to deal with making sure there is proper ventilation. Indoor ones require ventilation, so the room doesn’t swell with hot moist air and the smell of chlorine. You’ll have to make sure the room you want to place it in has windows or install a ventilation system, which can be pricey if you don’t have something already accessible.

Another advantage of indoor means lots of privacy. You won’t have to deal with nosey neighbors spying in on your conversation or them complaining about you being too loud.

What about maintenance though? With an outside tub, you might have to clean off leaves and debris from it, which of course isn’t an issue with an inside one. Yes, a cover can eliminate these unwanted items getting into the tub, but you still have to take care of the cover from them. Of course, there is mess with an indoor tub too, the water from the tub could slosh and spill over creating puddles and a damp floor. Not a problem if the water spills over the sides outdoors, you’re just watering the ground then.

Don’t let the decision stress you out however, a hot tub creates convenience and luxury no matter where it’s placed. It just depends on your preference. Indoor or outdoor, whatever sounds more enjoyable to you!

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