Perhaps you already knew this, given our company’s specialty, but we recommend hot tubs to all our shoppers. We believe that not all hot tubs are created equal, for some are built with greater and more features than others. Three of our favorite features are the endless pool, MP3 technology, and extra jets.

LeisureTime Warehouse can help you select the perfect hot tub.

Endless Pool – An eternal swim current is a machine built into hot tubs that creates a water current that users can turn off and on whenever they please. Endless pools allow water-based exercise at any time of day in the privacy of your own home and the comfort of a warm hot tub. Swimming is a full-body workout that strengthens the arms, core, and legs. Going against a current adds even more resistance which makes for a stronger, healthier you. As relaxing and pleasing to the ears wave sounds are, you may want to listen to more as you get and stay fit.

MP3 Player Hookup – Hot tubs work for many occasions, like parties, family nights, or pure unadulterated relaxation. When you add a stereo to your spa, you can use playlists for any of those occasions and more. The right music will set any mood. Also, you don’t have to worry about water damage to your devices, which is good especially if you want to turn on the jets.

Extra Jets – We all know that jets make any jacuzzi a million times better, which is why most models have them built into their structure. However, some have more than others. Some spas have over fifty and even seventy-five or more jets. These jets are great massage devices that allow your blood to flow and muscular tension to be lessened. Plus, jets make your spa feel more like a hot tub and less like a bathtub.

At LeisureTime Warehouse, we carry premium brands that offer quality, features and performance. As a luxury hot tub distributor, we strive to ensure that if you want a hot tub, you’re still able to get one even if you’re on a budget.

We sell hot tubs, so of course, we think you should have one, but we also believe you should have a good one. Swim currents, MP3 player hookup, and extra jets are just three of many features that make a hot tub a great addition to any home. You’ll find spas with all these features and more in our shop.

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