If you are lucky enough to own a hot tub, you want to take care of it. This includes maintenance. For year-round hot tub enjoyment, remember to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on a weekly and monthly basis.

Learning basic hot tub cleaning and maintenance tips will always keep your hot tub in top shape and ready to use.

First, know the make, model, and manufacturer of your hot tub. Also, know about the water capacity and quality of the water (hard/soft). Learning detailed information about your hot tub helps when there is a need to order parts and supplies. Second, learn basic cleaning and maintenance steps and create a list of maintenance tips and tasks to keep for handy reference.

Circulation: Run the hot tub circulation cycle once to twice daily. If your hot tub uses an automatic circulation schedule, keep it up-to-date and note the schedule in your maintenance task list. If your hot tub does not have automatic circulation, turn on the hot tub twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes to fully refresh the hot tub water.
Keep the cartridge filters clean and replace them as needed. Running the hot tub and refreshing the water using the cartridge filters, will keep your hot tub clean.

Cleaning: A hot tub requires regular cleaning as an important part of routine hot tub maintenance. Keep the hot tub free of debris and avoid allowing bacterial (scum) to build-up in the water. To avoid water quality issues, keep the waterline, seats, and the hot tub surface clean. Perform weekly cleaning on the tub’s shell and jets using a sponge and white vinegar. Scrub the water line with vinegar to keep scum from building up on the tub’s surface and in the water.

To keep away mildew, use a solution of 10% bleach and water when cleaning the inside of your hot tub. Every three to four months, completely drain the hot tub for a thorough cleaning. Do it more often if the tub is heavily used. Keeping the hot tub clean is important for maintaining a healthy hot tub. You would not want to use a dirty hot tub and neither should your guests and family. Everyone will feel safe when enjoying a clean and well-maintained hot tub. Follow the manufacturer’s hot tub cleaning and maintenance instructions and tips.

Cleaning tip: After using your hot tub, add some tennis balls to it. The fluffy exterior of the tennis balls soaks up oils, lotions, soap residue from body and clothes that are not removed by the water filters.

Chemistry: Keep the water balanced. Use a pH level of 7.2 to 7.6. Above or below a certain pH level will keep the water unbalanced as either cloudy or too acidic. The unbalanced water will damage hot tub hardware and cause skin and eye irritation. Regularly test the pH level.

Energy saving use and maintenance tips: Using the hot tub during off-peak hours will save energy and lower your electric bill. When filling the hot tub, use a timer to avoid overflowing the tub. It will save water and energy.

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