Despite being warm, hot tubs are pretty cool. If your house has a hot tub, it becomes an instantly better place to hang out. Your home also becomes healthier, because hot water stimulates blood flow and allows your body to release tension.

Hot tub users can become even more at peace when they incorporate hot tubbing into their self-care routine for these reasons.

1. Jet Massage

What is a hot tub with no jets? Well, we’ll tell you one thing, it’s something that doesn’t double as a masseuse. When you put your back, legs, or any tense, sore area, the tension decreases, and blood starts to flow, similar to the results of a massage. Hot tub jets are adjustable and will fit most comfort levels and needs. Spa massages can be done at home and at any time or pressure level, plus they don’t require letting a stranger touch you while you’re half-naked. The water will leave you with much-needed calmness from the pressures of everyday life.

2. Improves Sleep

Ever feel tired after exiting hot water? This is because high temperatures make you experience fatigue, which is why we use blankets during the night. After wading in the hot tub––and maybe even using it for a massage––you will feel loosened up and probably ready for bed. You can utilize this slowness for a good night’s sleep, which will increase productivity for the next day, and perhaps give you energy for tomorrow’s workout.

3. Physical Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a way that many people rehabilitate injured or otherwise afflicted bodies. Being in water minimizes the pain of movements that may hurt on land. In addition to its comfort, water can also catch swimmers if and when they fall. To reduce the risk of toppling over, exercises can be modified with flotation items such as water wings and pool noodles or be done in a while sitting in a spa’s built-in lounge chairs or holding onto its edges. Hot water also promotes blood flow and loosens the muscles which may lead to a more productive session. However, increased temperatures can lead to lethargy, so please be cautious and listen to your body and consult a doctor about hot water routines.

Hot tubs are great for families and individuals both socially and physically. The warmth helps you rest, recover, and enjoy yourself. Our store has hot tubs that will fit your needs and preferences, whether they are related to health, aesthetic, or tub size.

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