If you want to get serious about your athletic training, you’ve probably heard the term cross training thrown around in conjunction. While swim spas and aquatic exercises are often brushed aside as something for the elderly and those requiring low impact exercises, you might be surprised to find that aquatic cross training is a great way to kick of your athletic program. And there’s plenty of ways to get started and reap the benefits.

Cross training workouts in a swim spa at home is getting the most out of your investment, offers a variety of exercises and compliments a healthy and happy lifestyle.

While most people think low impact when they think of aquatic exercises, that’s far from the only benefit it offers. There’s heightened calorie burning, great resistance training, and other benefits. You can increase your physical workload, increase your physical productivity, and live a healthy lifestyle with help from aquatic cross training.

If you want to get started on some aquatic cross training exercises, we’ve got some great ones below for you to try.


This is a great warm up exercises or exercise for those who don’t feel comfortable diving in too deeply into hefty work. This is as simple as it sounds: stand and jog in place in the pool, making sure to pull your knees up as high as possible. This is a great workout for your quads, offering lots of resistance as you move through the water.


This is another great one for your legs but it will also work your core. Position yourself against the side of the pool, extending your arms out at your sides to hold the edge and lift your legs horizontally and start kicking like you’re peddling something. This is great for your whole legs as well as your core to help balance.

Step Push-Up

If you want to work your upper body, there are exercises for that too. Simply go to the entrance steps of your swim spa and do push-ups against them, going as low as possible without submerging your head underwater. They’re much easier than a standard pushup so do higher numbers in your reps like 15-20.

Related Questions

How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost?

If you don’t already have one and want to get started in your exercise program, a standard swim spa will start at a couple thousand and can get up to $30,000 depending on the brand and amenities. Depending on what you need and what you want to get out of your swim spa, you may want to opt for more involved models. But there are also budget friendly options. A swim spa retailer near you should have many options as well as financing.

Is This Used by Professional Athletes?

Yes! Aquatic cross training has been utilized by professional football teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers as well as heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield. Olympic Athlete Michael Phelps even has his own line by Master Spas! It’s a great way to supplement an athletic program and is being utilized more and more in professional venues.

If you want to get started on your aquatic exercises, don’t wait! You’ve got a blueprint to get started, know the benefits, all that’s left is to plan your fitness regimen and get started. Visit your local swim spa and hot tub retailer and start asking questions!

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