Why let your hot tub languish without use during the best months of the year? While temperatures nearing the triple digits in the daytime aren’t exactly ideal for a soak in a hot tub that can match that temperature or even get warmer, but there are ways to utilize your hot tub between June and August without making yourself sweat.

There are several ways to use a hot tub during the summer months.

If you are not aware of this, you could be wasting money and precious time with your hot tub before the winter months start rolling in with cold and snow. Hot tubs are fairly customizable home devices and many people don’t realize how they can use them.

To give you an idea of how you can best use your hot tub during the less ideal months of the year, we put together some things you can try with your home hot tub.

Change the Temperature

You may not realize that you have the ability to control the temperature on your hot tub. You can lower the temperature to a more manageable 85 or lower to give the water a more refreshing, cooler feel. And thanks to the insulation on your tub, the temperature will maintain itself pretty well. While this still may not be your ideal for a 95 degree day, on those milder summer days, this is a great option.

Use It at Night

One of the best ways to use your hot tub in the summer is to use it at night. Depending on where you live, it can get pretty cool when the sun goes down. Hot tubs are great for when the sun is gone and those cooler temperatures set in. Plus, many hot tubs have nighttime settings and fun color displays for just such a use.

Take Advantage of Rain

While you never want to be in water or doing anything outside during a thunderstorm, you can utilize your hot tub on overcast or even rainy days when the sun is hidden and the temperature drops. An umbrella can keep you from getting dripped on (or perhaps a mild rain is part of the experience).

Related Questions

What’s the Best Summer Temperature For a Hot Tub?

The weather in your area and overall climate are going to be big factors in determining the best temperature to keep your hot tub at in the summer. But a good rule of thumb is to remember your average body temperature and get the water a few degrees below it as a start. Starting out at lowering the tub to 95 degrees is a good place to start and gauge how much cooler you want it.

What Temperature Should I Keep My Hot Tub at In Winter?

For winter use you’ll want your hot tub at least resting at 104 while you’re using it. You need to make sure you’re combating any below freezing temperatures and making the tub enjoyable to hide out in when the cold weather settles in your area.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only using the hot tub when it’s cool enough outside. You can get plenty of use out of your hot tub in the summer months if you know how to maximize your tub use.

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