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When most people think of magnets, they imagine the pictures on their refrigerator. Few think of magnets as a healing device. After all, what could magnetism possibly have to do with healing?

A lot. To heal injuries, blood flow to the injured area is essential. Without this flow, injured tissue remains starved of the body’s natural healing agents, such as the white corpuscles carried in the blood. The injured area remains inflamed and stiff, resulting in chronic pain. A great way to receive this therapy is soaking in a hot tub.

The Master Force Bio Magnetic Therapy System comes standard on all Michael Phelps Legend Series hot tubs and here’s how it works.

Hemoglobin, which is carried in the blood, contains magnetic properties. As a result, magnets stimulate blood flow. When the blood flow to the injured area is increased, the tissue receives more of the body’s healing agents, speeding healing and reducing pain. Bio-magnetic therapy uses magnetism to induce the increased flow, resulting in lowered inflammation and speeding the tissue’s return to health. Treating painful areas with bio-magnetic therapy provides many benefits.

Increases blood and oxygen circulation

Our bodies depend on blood flow to repair injuries, whether tears, strains or sprains. If you have back pain, your body needs the chance to heal the affected areas, and that requires increased blood flow. Unfortunately, injuries make muscles tighter, which contributes to low viscosity. Bio-magnetic therapy loosens the muscles and sends nutrient-rich blood to the injured and painful areas, speeding healing.

Fast Facts

• Improved blood flow speeds healing
• Increased blood circulation helps nutrient-rich blood and oxygen reach injured areas
• Stimulating blood flow aids in surgery recovery

Improved blood flow speeds the migration of calcium ions to injured tissue and bone

Calcium ions are an important part of your body’s natural healing of damaged tissue and bone. The sooner calcium ions reach the injured area the faster and more thoroughly healing occurs. Bio-Magnetic therapy stimulates these ions, allowing injured tissue and bones to gain flexibility and strength.

Better blood flow removes the calcium associated with arthritic joints

Though calcium is key to healthy bones and teeth, many arthritis sufferers experience joint pain because of calcium crystals deposited in the joints. These crystals may affect knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and ankles. Magnetic therapy reduces these deposits, aiding healing and providing pain relief.

Keeps pH balance in line, promoting healing

Most people don’t think of pH balance relating to chronic joint and muscle pain, but there is a direct relationship. Much of the joint and muscle pain we experience results from inflammation, which pH balance affects. When blood becomes too acidic, inflammation increases, leading to the worsening of arthritic conditions. Controlling Ph balance through diet and the use of bio-magnetic therapy removes inflammation, allowing painful and injured areas to heal.

Clinical studies show pain relief results from magnetic therapy

Bio-magnetic therapy has been proven effective in the treatment of chronic pain according to clinical studies. A study at Baylor College of Medicine showed that magnetic therapy reduced pain from post-polio syndrome. Another research study conducted at Tufts University demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic therapy in treating fibromyalgia symptoms. In a study administered by the New York Medical College of Valhalla, diabetic neuropathy symptoms were mitigated through the use of magnetic footpads.

Evidence suggests that roughly 80% of chronic pain sufferers could benefit from magnetic therapy. Fibromyalgia, post-polio syndrome and diabetic neuropathy are all conditions involving chronic pain that the body’s natural healing process can reduce. The key is delivering the nutrient and oxygen rich blood to these areas.

The theory behind bio-magnetic therapy

Bio-magnetic therapy has its roots in Nobel Prize winner Linus C. Pauling’s discovery that hemoglobin contains magnetic properties. Because of this discovery, it became apparent that magnets could be used to energize hemoglobin, thus increasing blood flow. When magnets are applied to an injured area, the magnetic field energizes and oxygenates the blood in that region, particularly the white corpuscles in the blood. White corpuscles are a key healing agent. In addition, the charged ions in the blood circulate and create heat, which further speeds along the healing process. As a result of these discoveries, bio-magnetic therapy was developed as an effective healing process.

Chronic pain, whether from injury, disease or muscle and joint stiffness, rarely goes away on its own. The injured area is usually starved for the body’s natural healing agents because of inflammation and inflexibility. The blood flow must be increased, so the body’s healing mechanisms can nourish the injured area back to health. Bio-magnetic therapy is a drug free, safe and painless method of stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself.

The Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub can help

Soaking in a hot tub such as the Michael Phelps Legend Series is a relaxing and comfortable way to use bio-magnetic therapy. By strategically placing the powerful magnets behind the neck and shoulder seat it addresses the pressure points on the neck and back so that the healing can begin. LeisureTime Warehouse is a top rated Master Spas dealer that has all of your hot tub and swim spa needs. Our luxury brand hot tubs and swim spas deliver on high performance and have a wide variety luxury options to choose from. Call us today or visit our retail store to find exactly what you are looking for in premium hot tubs and swim spas!