There are so many benefits of having a hot tub or swim spa—relaxation and becoming stress-free of course, but there are so many medical benefits as well! Some advanced hot tubs and swim spas use bio-magnetic therapy to increase relaxation and induce numerous medical benefits. Magnets have been used in therapy for a long time, dating back to ancient Greece and is still used in many modern practices.

But what is Bio-magnetic therapy?

It is magnetic therapy that targets pressure points on the body to improve circulation, alleviate pain, stiffness and reduce swelling as well as promote cell rejuvenation, heal bones and stop infections. The pressure points that are targeted in a hot tub and swim spa are on the neck and back–these powerful magnets are placed behind the neck and shoulder seat.

Bio-Magnetic Therapy System is great for anyone suffering with arthritis, chronic pain, or stress-tension. When a part of the body is injured or swollen it subsequently causes a lack of blood circulation, minimizing the nutrients and oxygen to the injured region. This then interrupts the body’s electrical currents, disrupting the body’s pH balance and then jeopardizing the body to become ill. Bio-Magnetic therapy uses magnets to promote blood circulation which then balances the body’s pH! Balancing the pH levels in the body help eliminate pathogens in the body. It also promotes the speed of calcium ions which work to heal tissue and bones—subsequently alleviating pain associated with arthritis.

The therapy system has even worked to help relieve pain caused by Fibromyalgia and relieve numbness and pain in people who are diabetic.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, tension, or sickness—consider treatment with a hot tub or swim spa that uses bio-magnetic therapy. Relaxation and taking care of your body are one in the same when using such therapy. Feel better with the use of powerful magnets!

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