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Are you questioning whether or not to spend the time and money purchasing and installing a hot tub? Whether you already have a pool and are yearning to complete the backyard or you’re searching for ways to relax at home, there are more reasons to blast the jets than to call your future hot tub a pipe dream.

So, why should you purchase a hot tub for your home?

Hot tubs have fiscal perks, promote general health and well-being, encourage family bonding and friendly visits, require minimum maintenance, and are available for year-round use.

If you’re trying to convince yourself (or a loved one) that a hot tub is a perfect addition to your home, consider this a sign from the universe. Our reasoning will sway everyone from the practical and health-conscious to the dreamers and hardcore hot tub non-believers.

Add value to your home

Depending on where you live, home trends in your neighborhood, and overall landscape design, hot tubs may increase the value of your home or at least generate interest among potential buyers. Given their year-round usability, pre-installed hot tubs are a major selling point for homebuyers hoping to relax in the comfort of their own backyard.

Creating a backyard oasis with a hot tub or swim spa along with customized landscaping can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

Promote health and wellness

The warm water of your hot tub does more than promote relaxation. Through regular usage, hot tubs can help increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and even alleviate symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The warm water in hot tubs puts fluid pressure on the body, otherwise known as hydrostatic pressure. This pressure combined with the pain-relieving powers of heat can alleviate joint inflammation associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other pain disorders.

Your body also weighs about 90 percent less when submerged in water meaning your muscles can move without the pressure of gravity. Given the ease of movement, consistent exercises in hot tubs can help increase flexibility.

When physical tension leaves the body, mental tension often follows. Soak for ten to fifteen minutes and leave daily stressors behind. Unwinding before bed helps clear the mind and prepares your body for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Encourage family and neighborhood bonding

Everyone in the family can relax in a warm hot tub and if you’re working to draw the crew together, suggest stargazing in the tub or snacking poolside while the jets power up. Once one person jumps in, more will follow and soon you’ll have a family chatting away like it’s Christmas morning or Thanksgiving dinner.

If you’re hosting a party or inviting friends over, direct visitors to the hot tub and your backyard will quickly become the go-to hangout spot. Need an excuse to meet the new neighbors or catch up with old friends? Call everyone over for a relaxing dip!

Easy maintenance

Fears of heavy maintenance costs dissuade many from diving in and purchasing a hot tub. In reality, you’ll need only a few bottles of chemicals and some test strips which equates to approximately $15 to $20 monthly. Filters and cartridges cost about $40 but don’t require frequent replacement.

Turning off the hot tub after every use? Completely unnecessary. Run the tub on energy-saving mode to maintain circulation and temperate. Emptying the hot tub after every use? Same deal. Chemicals and filtration systems take care of sanitation.

Year-round use

Snowy weather giving you cabin fever? Cozy up in a steamy tub. Trapped in sweltering heat? Change the temperature settings and cool off in a miniature pool. If you live in a warm climate and already have a pool, use your hot tub to warm up after a chilly dip.

Pools may be a summer accessory, but hot tubs are forever in style.

Related Questions

What about my electric bill?

Don’t worry about your electric bill skyrocketing. The right cover will keep your monthly cost at around low, typically under $20.

Not to mention, hot tubs can actually save you money. Opt for a hot tub spa trip instead of a relaxing bubble bath. Baths require draining which equates to money down the (literal) drain.

The average mid-grade hot tub lasts 10 years and higher quality tubs can last up to 20!


Whether you’re hoping to alleviate muscle and joint pain, establish in-home relaxation, promote family bonding, or spruce up your stellar backyard, there are many reasons to dive in. If you’re ready to transform your life, turn up the jets and say yes to a hot tub.

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