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If you want a hot tub, don’t settle for just any hot tub, choose a Master Spas.Founded in 1996, Master Spas is one of the largest hot tub/ swim spa manufacturers known today.

Homeowners like you, looking to improve their home with a new hot tub, trust in Master Spas because every spa is a quality one.

One of their most popular and indulgent hot tubs is the Twilight Series. With over six different models to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a single one, because every Twilight Series hot tub has the features you love.

Ergonomic design

Your hot tub should be all about one thing: comfort. That’s why the seats in the Twilight Series hot tubs are specifically engineered to fit the natural contour of your body. The seats are form fitted so that you may relax, naturally.

Master Blaster foot therapy

Let’s talk about you’re aching feet. How does 28 individual nozzles for a relaxing foot massage sound? Using unique scientific studies regarding health benefits of the foot, Master Spas has mastered the hot tub foot massage. They have even included a separate pump that generates 200 gallons of water per minute, specifically for your aching feet.

Stress relief neck and shoulder seat

The last thing your hot tub should be is stressful, that’s why the neck and shoulder seats are the ultimate stress-relievers. Individual jets are strategically placed downward, giving you the ultimate massage and pressure relief.

Master Force Bio-Magnetic therapy system

Bio-Magnegic therapy is one of the oldest therapies around. It has been used for centuries for ultimate pain relief, to improve circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate stiffness, and more.

Specifically, it uses magnetic therapy to apply pressure to points on the neck and back, using powerful magnets hidden behind the seats. Now the amazing healing benefits of Bio-Magnetic therapy are yours in your ultimate Twilight Series hot tub by Master Spas.

Xtreme therapy seat

Those ergonomic seats aren’t the only thing you’ll love about sitting in your hot tub. In addition to a comfortable design, hydrothermal therapy provides you with the ultimate stress relief. In fact, there are 22 strategically placed jets with two separate whirlpools for maximum therapy to your arms, calves, wrists, hands, and more. You will truly feel your stress melt away.

Dream lighting & Orion lighting system

Hot tubs are even more relaxing at night, but the key is lighting. With the appropriate lighting, you can turn your backyard into an oasis, and it all starts with the dream lighting feature on the Twilight Series Spas. This feature adds a soft glow to the external corners of your hot tub, that would otherwise be left dark and dank.

With the Orion feature you can control the lights in your spa, for an illuminating light display that fits any mood. The buttons are easy to use and give you water features and under the water ambiance.

MasterPur water management system

The only thing better than a comfortable spa is a clean one. That’s why you want the MasterPur water management system. This sanitation system is better than any other system on the market thanks to its three natural sanitizers, and low maintenance requirement.

Not only is owning a Twilight Series by Master Spas, comfortable, but it’s also convenient and you will enjoy the mind and body benefits for years to come.

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