If you’re trying to come up with ways to warm up during this wintery season, there’s no better way than with a saltwater hot tub.

Never heard of a saltwater hot tub? Well you’re in luck. Saltwater spas are meant to have all the benefits of regular spas, and then some. Although, a smart buyer won’t get too caught up in the marketing schemes.

The truth is saltwater hot tubs have some drawbacks, and there are a few things you should know upfront.

The cost

Don’t be fooled by any marketing ploy that says saltwater tubs are less expensive. The fact is that any hot tub is expensive, and saltwater tubs are even more so upfront.

Hot tubs can cost anywheres from $2000 to $32000. Saltwater tubs require a separate saltwater system that can cost $500 to $5000. So, you do the math, your saltwater hot tub could cost as low as $2500, but could also cost upwards of $35000.

Saltwater tubs are more expensive at first due to the separate saltwater system, however if you can prevent corrosion and maintain the water well, the system should last long enough for you to basically get your money back in savings on repairs.

The maintenance

All hot tubs require regular maintenance, all of them. This means that saltwater tubs will require regular maintenance, even if your water is always 100%.

Keeping your water clean and balanced is always a plus, but you will need to check water levels regularly, almost on the same time schedule as a regular hot tub.

So yes, there is maintenance required, at least regular checkups to keep the water balanced.

The salt

Oh the salt, keep in mind the salt. While saltwater might be better on your skin and body, it can be more harmful on the tub itself.

Salt causes corrosion— on everything; the pump, the jets, the heaters, could all be subject to corrosion if you’re not careful.

You might also notice salt residue on the tub which will need to be cleaned regularly.

The benefits

With all that in mind, there are still plenty of benefits of a saltwater hot tub.

Saltwater is ultimately much better for the skin, increasing softness and reducing dryness and cracked skin. The water is also gentler on sensitive skin overall, and the eyes.

If you don’t care for that unnatural chlorine smell of a hot tub, then a saltwater tub is also perfect for you. Saltwater has its own salty smell, but that’s more like the ocean than anything and who doesn’t love that?

Lastly, although a saltwater hot tub is equally or more expensive at first, it typically costs less to maintain. In fact, the more you put into your hot tub initially, if you purchase a reliable saltwater system, the less you’ll pay over the course of your spas life.

The right hot tub is out there for you and if you you’re not crazy about the drawbacks of a saltwater hot tub, a Master Spas hot tub has tremendous benefits. The benefits begin with a mineral filtration system that offers easy maintenance, using fewer chemicals and yielding crystal clear water. Using minerals such as zinc and copper to remove impurities such as dirt and bacteria, the design of the mineral filter allows for a strong water flow. The natural elements are safe for both you and your Master Spas hot tub.

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