Our Hot Tub Store near Chardon is Stocked with Quality Brands.

If you have been thinking of buying a hot tub, now is your chance. Hot tubs are available in various styles for every budget. Situated near Chardon Ohio, our hot tub dealer has a varied option of fitness spas! Learn more regarding Michael Phelps hot tubs by Master Spas. These technologically advanced hot tubs were developed for those that want to unwind! Make sure to ask about the Twilight hot tub series by Master Spas®, offering an unbelievable experience 365 days a year. Streamlined styling and features consist of many premium advantages over the competition.

When you visit our Hot Tub store in Chardon, you will certainly be met by seasoned spa sales specialists. Our objective is to help you pick the very best hot tub within your budget! Our educated staff will help match your needs to the best performing luxury spa for your residence. There are a number of choices readily available to our clients.

Our large inventory will ensure you obtain the best hottub. Most significantly, our knowledgeable sales team will assist you pick the features most important to you. Some interesting attributes consist of Dream Lighting, Ergonomic Seating, and the Fusion Air Sound System. At Paradise Spas & Outdoor Living, we serve the Greater Chardon area, and are thrilled to offer these top quality products for sale!

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Do you dream about kicking back in your own hot tub? Who does not, why wait? Hottub living is a healthy and balanced way of living and is a telephone call away. LeisureTime Warehouse is a retailer of high quality hot tubs, swim spas, and a lot more! Call us today for a FREE Consultation!


Enjoy the freedom from pains and aches by unwinding in our technologically advanced hot tubs. What an excellent way to enjoy your weekend breaks in the comfort and privacy of your backyar paradise, enjoying your brand new hottub. If you don’t have a great deal of room in your yard, a hot tub is the ideal choice!

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"Ted, you have delivered on everything you said you would do from start to finish. As someone who sells both a product and then service after the fact, I know what exists in the market these days as far as support after the sale! You are an exception to this growing rule and I appreciate your willingness to help and accommodate."

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Hot Tubs in Stock Chardon Ohio

Hottubs are an excellent way to soothe the stress you carry with you from a lengthy day. Swim spas as well as hot tubs have the ability to assist you with relaxation by enabling your body to revitalize. Our hot tub shop, offers premium hot tubs, physical fitness spas and more! If you’re seeking a premium hot tub, such as the Clarity Series, you have located the best place! Stop by and check out our weekly specials. Our spas have various attributes including stainless-steel hardware, therapy seats, and premium jets. Hottubs offer eye-catching designs that are ascetically appealing for any kind of backyard heaven.

When you visit our Hot Tub Supply Shop near Chardon, you have the ability to take advantage of hot tubs, and exercise spas at a great price. As a premium luxury supplier of swim spas and hot tubs, we ensure to match anyone’s preferences when it involves finding the appropriate swim spa within their budget. Call us today and see why we are Chardon’s finest swim spa and hot tub wholesaler!

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We sell high quality MasterSpas® Hot Tub brands that deliver the most effective technology!

Our Hot Tub location near Chardon, is the most knowledgeable wholesalers. We have developed solid partnerships with the companies that know our customers. Master Spas® has established their name in the business, as the best. You will find the top quality and workmanship of these American made hottubs second to no one!

Vital benefits include the EcoPur® Charge hot tub water purification system. This is Master Spas® newest innovation in clean water technology. The EcoPur Charge hot tub filter replicates the way nature uses copper and also zinc to purify water and get rid of dirt, bacteria and also algae.

This is just one example of the numerous ingenious innovations utilized in our hot tubs. Please contact our hot tub shop near Chardon Ohio, for any kind of inquiries you might have regarding purchasing your brand-new hot tub. We offer Complimentary Consultations and more than happy to chat with you today.

Our Premium Hot Tubs Offer Numerous Features, Many That are Standard!

Below are sample features that are built into our quality hottub and swim spas! Some features shown below are optional and are not included with every hot tub. Please consult our friendly sales team for details.




Ergonomic Design

From the minute you sit down, you’ll feel the difference. Our engineers created seats that complement the contour of your body, making it easy to relax, naturally. Once you’re wrapped in comfort of the form fitting seats, strategic jet placement delivers targeted hydrotherapy from head to toe.


Master Blaster® Foot Therapy

Master Blaster® Foot Therapy

Sure, a foot massage feels good, but you may not know that foot reflexology provides health benefits throughout your body. So, we created the Master Blaster.


StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™

Reverse molding is the secret to soothing neck and shoulder hydrotherapy that goes beyond the usual.


Xtreme Therapy™ Seat

Don’t let a trying day get the best of you. Relieve stress and revive your senses as you lie back in our Xtreme Therapy™ Seat.


Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

Magnetic therapy was used for centuries to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate stiffness. Today, more and more doctors and physical therapists are returning to the healing effects of magnetic therapy.

Sights & Sounds

dream lighting

Dream Lighting*

At night, Dream Lighting provides a warm and inviting glow to the exterior corners of your Twilight Series Spa. This option will be a beautiful accent to your backyard design.


Orion Light System™

Our Orion Light System is anything but ordinary. An array of colors illuminate controls, water features, under the water, and more. With just a touch of a button from the easy-to-use topside controls, you can create a custom lightshow that fits any mood.


Afterglow Light Package*

This optional package adds some drama to your spa with a kaleidoscope of colors through the jets.

fusion sound system for hot tubs

Fusion Touch Sound System*

Controlled entirely by the spa control touch pad, this optional hot tub sound system includes two topside speakers, two external backlit speakers and a subwoofer to maximize sound quality. With this system, you can connect your cellphone or tablet through Bluetooth® to stream music, television shows or movies.


Wi-Fi Module*

Now you can set the mood of your hot tub from the convenience of your Apple® or Android® device prior to entering. With the optional integrated Wi-Fi module that works with the Balboa Water Group Wi-Fi Spa Control app, you can remotely control how your hot tub operates, including the lighting, water temperature and running massage pumps.


Noise Reduction System

Our exclusive Noise Reduction System (NRS) brings a quieter, calmer and more relaxing spa experience. The secret lies in an exclusive motor mount developed by Master Spas.

Pure Enjoyment

Mast3rPur™ Water Management System*

Mast3rPur™ hot tub sanitation surpasses all other systems with its unique combination of three natural sanitizers. The system keeps hot tub maintenance time, low and provides clear, fresh-smelling water. Optional on all Twilight spa models.

EcoPur® Charge Water Purification

The EcoPur® Charge filtration system uses low amounts of copper and zinc oxides to naturally purify hot tub water and reduces the need for harsh chemicals.

Energy Efficient

Better insulation means lower energy costs. We use Icynene foam technology that has dramatically raised the standard over urethane foam insulation systems used by almost all U.S. spa manufacturers.


QuietFlo Water Care System™*

The energy-efficient hot tub circulation pump of the QuietFlo Water Care System™ helps keep water filtered and heated at all times. Optional on all Twilight Series models.

* Indicates an Optional Features

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